Lonely Planet City Guide to Kyoto

Lonely Planet City Guide to Kyoto
Chris Rowthorn
3rd edition
(Lonely Planet Publications, Australia: 2005)

READ: July-August 2006 (and ongoing reference)

Yes, I like Lonely Planet guidebooks. And yes, you know exactly why I bought this book. Anyway, we used it thoroughly when we went to Kyoto in August, and we plan on going back once or twice in the next few months, so I feel I got my money's worth. (Heck, even if I had never gone to Kyoto, it was worth every penny - it's interesting, informative, and has pretty pictures.) It's fairly extensive, covering pretty much anything you might be interested in seeing in Kyoto, and there's a lot! There are also short sections on things to do in Nara, Osaka, Kobe, and Miyama-cho (a small town north of Kyoto), as each is an easy day-trip from Kyoto.

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