Guide: Van Gogh Museum from the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam

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Guide : Van Gogh Museum
from the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam

READ: November 2008

Bought this when we went to the Museum in 2005. It's actually in French (they were out of English copies). "The Sower", the painting I was writing a paper on for my art history course is actually on display at the van Gogh Museum, so there was some good information specifically on that particular painting. I really like museum guides generally - they are a good reminder of what I saw at the museum - and this is certainly one of the better ones.

Van Gogh by Keith Wheldon

Van Gogh
Keith Wheldon
(Smithmark Publishers, New York: 1995)

READ: October-November 2008

Again, I read this for my art history course paper. This is a giant coffee table book that a friend gave to me many years ago before moving overseas. Finally I had a reason to use it, rather than moving it from bookshelf to bookshelf in one apartment after another (bookshelves it never fit on, I might add). Wheldon looks at van Gogh's work in the larger context of contemporary art movements, and many of the works have a few pages dedicated just to critiquing (detailing) the techniques used in each one.

Discoveries: Van Gogh: The Passionate Eye by Pascal Bonafoux

Discoveries: Van Gogh: The Passionate Eye
Pascal Bonafoux
(Harry N. Abrams, New York: 1992)

READ: October-November 2008

I was writing an essay on van Gogh and, in particular, his painting "The Sower" for my art history course. I have had this book on my shelf forever. It is a detailed look at van Gogh's art and his life, including extracts from his numerous, lengthy letters to his brother, Theo, and others. While more factual than scholarly, it is a good examination of van Gogh and his particular style of Impressionism (expressionism?).