The Art of Twentieth-Century Zen by Audrey Yoshiko Seo

The Art of Twentieth-Century Zen
Audrey Yoshiko Seo
with Stephen Addiss
(Shambhala Publications, Boston: 1998)

Paintings and calligraphy by Japanese masters; with a chapter by Matthew Welch

READ: September-December 2005 (incomplete)

I love Japanese art, and Zen art and calligraphy is no exception. But I know very little about it. This is a great book that profiles the key Zen artists, with gorgeous large illustrations. The detail on each artist can be a little preponderous to work your way through, and I never made it through the whole book but have read here and there on the various artists at random, learning more about Zen Buddhism and its fairly unique, recognizable style of artistic expression along the way. If you're interested in this area of art at all, I highly recommend this book.

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